Month: June 2016

Early Day Motion in Parliament

There is an important Early Day Motion being put forward to Parliament by Norman Lamb MP.

This motion proposes that foster carers are covered by the Public Interest Disclosure Act. The Act is an important piece of legislation which protects people who talk out about alleged wrong-doing or poor practice. Almost all people in the UK who work are covered by this, but not foster carers.

As foster carers can be in a position where they are best placed to know about and protect the children they care for. If any body or person is not fulfilling their legal duties or putting not putting the child’s welfare first, foster carers should be able to speak out without fear of recrimination. This clearly is not the case at the moment.

Please contact your MP and ask them to support this motion, or for their reasons why they would not support it. We will be pushing for this motion to be passed in the coming weeks.

Your MP’s details can be found here:

Thank you for supporting this important proposal, and feel free to contact us if your MP gives any objection to this motion.